We make Powerful Web Products

Use our developers and designers experience to release your web applications smarter and in budget

Our experience is gained by working with NGO, brands and startups

WCSJ-INFO welcomes you

Web Concept Services and Joe Infographics is A company specializing in designing web applications and other IT services in the Central African region in general and in the DRC in particular

Hesabu Business

Hesabu Business

Hesabu Business is an integrated management application for small and medium-sized businesses.
With Hesabu, Run the Business as ever

Akiba App


Akiba is a software suitable for microfinance institutions, however it can also be used in banks.

Bulletinizer App


Bulletinizer is an integrated school activities management application, suitable for nursery, primary and secondary schools

What can we do for you ?

Here is what we mainly do

Software Development

Software Development

We promote the use of web-applications for these reasons :

  • Multiplatform
  • Not required in material
  • Simple maintanance
  • Cheaper
  • Intuitive
  • Etc...

Database Development

Database and hosting

Creation and hosting of databases

  • MySql
  • Oracle
  • No SQL
  • Etc...

Web site Developpement & Hosting services

Web site Developpement & Hosting services

From scratch to reality, take your project to the next level

We are more than 10 years experienced in web developpement,
40 web sites projects and more than 50 design realised from 2017 to 04-2020

We offer the cheapest hosting service,
From 20$/Year to 150$/Year, Everyone is benefiting.



More than 6 organized trainings since January 2019 :

  • Database management
  • Web Application development
  • Introduction to computer science
  • Initiation to MS Office
  • Website design
  • Introduction to Infographic
  • Advenced Excel
  • etc.



We design product interfaces, brands magazines, portfolios, logos, graphic charts, etc...
With more than 200 design, we've gain experience.